The Music Ark Podcast - Brand New LIVE @ The North Charleston Performing Arts Center

A brand new guest joins Noah to discuss Brand New...

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In this episode of The Music Ark I'm finally joined by regular Ark of E Contributor Sunshine Mayfield for our first official episode together. So of course we had to spend the entire time talking about Brand New, specifically the live show we attended at The North Charleston Performing Arts Center just hours before recording this episode. My regular co-host, and brother, Gavin also attended but was unable to make this recording session; so I'm sure the Brand New discussion is far from over, but more on that in future episodes. For now, Mayfield and I run through the setlist, recount our favorite moments, and take a few much deserved pot shots at some of the "attendees". If you attended this show or any others on their current tour let us know what you thought by emailing 

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Intro / Outro ("In the Water" by Brand New) 

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