Camp Crystal Lake Revisited - Episode 1 : Friday the 13th (1980): Steve Christy and the 10 Hour Lunch Break

The Brothers Blanchard take their first dive back into Crystal Lake...

CCLR EP 1 Logo A.jpg

The Brothers Blanchard (Matthew & Patrick) will be taking over The Movie Ark every Friday for the next 12-13 weeks to bring you a New Limited Series. Join The Brothers as they dive back into the bloody waters of Crystal Lake and revisit all 12 entries in The Friday the 13th Franchise (Yes that means you Freddy vs Jason, and you too 2009 Remake/Reboot). The Ark of E Network & The Movie Ark are proud to present, Camp Crystal Lake Revisited. 

In this week's episode (dropping on Friday the 13th of April, naturally) The Brothers Blanchard kick things off with the one that started it all, 1980's Friday the 13th.   

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