The Movie Ark Podcast Presents: Everyone's Entitled To One Good Scare - Episode 8 : Halloween: Resurrection

The Brothers Blanchard find out what happens when evil finds its way home, AGAIN...

ETOGS Ep 8.jpg

The Brothers Blanchard Everyone's Entitled To One Good Scare Podcastathon closes out the weekend on a down note...

That's right people, today is the day Matthew & Patrick have to venture back to 2002, the year He came home, yet again; but not before unceremoniously (opinion) killing off the most iconic scream queen in cinema history...we give you Halloween: Resurrection...

Halloween: Resurrection [Blu-ray]
Starring Thomas Ian Nicholas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Katee Sackhoff, Ryan Merriman, Sean Patrick Thomas

Intro ("Halloween: Resurrection - Main Theme" by Danny Lux) Outro ("Laurie's Theme" by John Carpenter & Alan Howarth)

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