The Movie Ark Podcast Presents: The Ultimate Experience In Grueling Podcast - The Evil Dead Franchise

The Brothers Blanchard get groovy...


The Brothers Blanchard have delivered a record 5 Franchise Deep Dives over the course of 2018, but they couldn't let the holiday season pass without giving you just one more... 

That's right the Hosts that brought you Camp Crystal Lake Revisited, Every Town Has An Elm Street, Honey Island Swamp Tours, Everyone's Entitled To One Good Scare, and The Gale Weathers Book Club are back for one last Scare, The Ark of E Network & The Movie Ark are proud to present The Ultimate Experience In Grueling Podcast. Join Matthew & Patrick for this special one-off Episode exploring The Evil Dead Franchise and Stay Tuned for a Special New Years Episode - The Brothers Blanchard Year in Review, Happy Holidays Everyone and Have a Merry Christmas Tomorrow!

Evil Dead 1 & 2 Double Feature [Blu-ray]
Starring Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Hal Delrich, Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks

Intro ("Building the Deathcoaster" by Joseph LoDuca - Army of Darkness Soundtrack) Outro ("Jazz Traditional - Charleston (Evil Dead End Theme)" by Erik Markman)

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