The Movie Ark Podcast - Top 10 Most Anticipated : Fall 2018

The Blanchard Brothers look forward to the voyages ahead...

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This week my brother (Gavin) and I (Noah) finally return to The Movie Ark (Proper) to discuss our Top 10 Most Anticipated Films for Fall 2018 (*and a little bit of Winter, our lists range from Sept. 14th - Dec. 28th releases) We hope you find a few flicks to add to your radar, and if there's anything you feel like we missed, are super excited about, or would definitely like to hear discussed in-depth in a future episode, Let Us Know : ...Until Next Week...Have a Marvelous Movie Ark Monday Everyone! 

Intro / Outro ("Children of the New Dawn" by the late, great Johann Johannsson from one of his forthcoming final film scores for MANDY)  

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