Four Color Television with The Brothers Blanchard - Announcement

Four Color Television Intro by Matthew J. Blanchard  

What happened to Lian Yu?

Where exactly is the Speed Force?

 What was that thing in LA?

 Was that the Phantom Zone?

 With last week's final episode of Season Five of the CW’s Arrow, the DC Television Universe has shuttered the doors and closed up shop for the summer.  Whether you’re a Mirakuru warrior, a casual fan, or someone who has never engaged with these shows before: The TV Ark is going to become your one stop shop for reviews and conversation about this group of four (soon to be five) shows.

Better still, we won’t be waiting until the fall premieres to get the ball rolling.  We’re going to start next week with a series of flashback reviews that will look back at each season in turn.  When we get to week three, we’ll look at both Arrow Season Three and The Flash Season One.  The following week we’ll get really crazy and look at Arrow Season Four, Flash Season Two, Supergirl Season One and Legends of Tomorrow Season One.

 Once we’re up to date on all four series we’ll examine the comic counterparts of each of the CW characters to see where they are similar and where they differ (I’m looking at you Oliver Queen.)

 We’ll speculate wildly about where each premiere might take the show, and we’ll open it up to your questions.

 When the new season begins, I’ll be joined by the other half of the OG Brothers Blanchard (Patrick J. Blanchard) who each week will deliver a review of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow while I keep you up to date with The Flash and Supergirl.

 If you have questions you want featured in an upcoming column or review, you can reach out to me (Matthew J. Blanchard) for all things DC-CW at

 See you next week for a discussion of Arrow Season One.

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