The Bay of Lynch - TEASER - Brendan's Cherry Pie - Eraserhead

A Lynch Virgin gets deflowered...  

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In this Teaser Episode, we introduce one of the many reoccurring segments that will make up The Bay of Lynch. Brendan's Cherry Pie (Working Title) features the newest contributor to The Ark of E, Brendan Reilly (a Lynch Virgin) and I (Noah, a Lynch devotee) journeying through scenes across Lynch's filmography. I screened these sequences for Brendan with little to no set-up / context and we immediately jumped on mic after each one. The result is a fantastic window into how the "average moviegoer" might view Lynch. For this Teaser, Brendan was shown the first 11 minutes or so of Lynch's first feature, Eraserhead. Enjoy...

Eraserhead Soundtrack
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If you have Feedback or Suggestions for future scenes to subject Brendan to, Email Us : or yell at Brendan on Instagram : @bmreilly13 

Intro / Outro ("Workin' On Leaving the Living" by Modest Mouse - Lynchified Remix / Original Recording)

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