The Bay of Lynch - Episode 2 - The Elephant Man / The Rock

The Blanchard Brothers mistake John Mason for an animal... 

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In our long-awaited 2nd Episode, my brother (Gavin) and I (Noah) continue our long, strange trip through the filmographies of Michael Bay and David Lynch. For this outing, we're looking at one of Bay's most well regarded movies, The Rock; and one of the least Lynchian Lynch films there is, The Elephant Man. *Note* There is no Brendan's Cherry Pie segment for this episode (look forward to a future bonus episode where we'll chat TEM) but Brendan will definitely be featured on all future Lynch Originals (Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, etc...)  

The Rock (The Criterion Collection)
Starring Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris, John Spencer, David Morse
the elephant man (blu-ray ) blu_ray Italian Import
Starring anne bancroft, wendy hiller

Intro / Outro ("Rocket Man" by Elton John "Lynchified Remix" by Noah Blanchard) Mid-Break Bumper ("Stone's Gone Up" by David Lynch "Remixed" by Noah Blanchard) 

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