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Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow: Where do we go from here?

Just a few days, my Mirakuru warriors, before the Maid of Might bursts back onto our TV screens and brings with her the entirety of the CW DC Television Universe.   We’ve spent all summer looking backward and the last two weeks looking toward what is in store for us this season on Arrow and The Flash.  Now it’s time to look toward the Adventures of Supergirl and the time-traveling antics of Legends of Tomorrow.

But first, Big Belly Burger:


When we left Kara she had just defeated the invading force of Daxamites, but in doing so had made it so that her own boyfriend Mon-El could no longer live on Earth.  Mon-El escaped in a pod, before being promptly sucked into a portal – and Supergirl flew away alone.  So, what happens next?

When we did this last week for The Flash crew we looked at what the new season might bring for each of the main characters and we’ll do the same here.  Starting of course with:



We’ve seen the season finale trope where the hero makes the big sacrifice and runs away from their actions before.  At the end of Season 2 of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Buffy quit being the Slayer and fled to Los Angeles after sacrificing Angel to save the world; at the end of Season 2 of Smallville Clark Kent put on a red kryptonite ring and fled to Metropolis to hide from the damage he wrought back home.  What we’ve never really seen though is the way in which Kara Danvers is reacting to her sacrifice – usually the hero gives up their heroic identity or becomes someone new entirely; Supergirl has instead chosen to stop being Kara and only focus on her identity as Supergirl.  With her heart broken, Kara is leaning into her stronger persona – but I doubt it will be too long before Kara is back to smiling uncontrollably and being our big damn hero.   But with certain Kryptonian developments, expect our Girl of Steel to be put through the ringer once again.  



Everyone’s favorite DEO Scientist/Badass spent last season settling into a relationship with National City Detective Maggie Sawyer, and that relationship seems to be going strong.  We have been promised by series producers that this season will restore the emphasis on the relationship between Kara and Alex, which you can see seems to be an important part in making the turn to get Kara back to normal at the beginning of the season.



Season two ended the flirtation between James and Kara and pulled him into a plotline where he took on the Superhero mantle of The Guardian.  We’ve been told that Season Three will feature a new love interest for James and a deeper exploration of the friendship between James and Winn.



My favorite Martian spent season two struggling to come to terms with his own hatred of the White Martians and the fact that they destroyed his family.  We didn’t see much of the character filling the role of surrogate father to Alex and Kara that we’d seen in Season One, but producers are hinting that we’ll again see more of that in Season Three.  We’ve also been told that J’onn is going to have a big family story when he gets to reconnect with his own father played by Carl Lumbly (otherwise known as the actor who famously played Martian Manhunter on the Justice League Animate series.)



We don’t know much, but we do know that Cat will appear in more episodes in Season 3 than she did in Season 2.  Hopefully this will be part of a major storyline involving Cat Grant and The President of the United States played by Linda Carter.



Sister to Lex, friend to Kara, brilliant scientific mind.  There is simply no way that this season doesn’t further tease a fall from grace that follows the path Michael Rosenbaum charted as Lex on Smallville.



We’re told that Mon-El’s disappearance at the end of the season will be a central mystery in Season Three, and this coupled with other casting news is leading to speculation that Mon-El’s season ending portal was in fact a portal to the 31st Century.



The main villain of Season 3, Reign is a Kryptonian experiment launched to Earth around the same time Kara and Clark were.  In the comics Reign was a biological weapon known as a Worldkiller, and in the show we’ll meet her as portrayed by Odette Annable - a single mother who is unaware she was genetically engineered on Krypton.  Expect shades of Davis Bloome from Season 8 of Smallville.



Actress Laura Benanti will not be making the move to Vancouver to reappear as Kara Zor-El’s dead mother, instead the role will now be filled by Smallville alum (the second Lois Lane to appear on Supergirl to date) Erica Durance.



Actress Amy Jackson has been cast as Saturn Girl, a member of the Legion of Superheroes: the group of legacy heroes in the 31st century that are inspired by the modern DC Universe heroes.  Is she responsible for the time portal that whisked Mon-El to the future?  Will we see other members of the Legion?  Will we finally see something come of the Legion Flight Ring teased back in Season One?  



No word yet on whether or not Tyler Hoechlin will return during Season Three.


The stated focus of Season 3 is on what it means to be human, and the struggle to embrace one’s humanity.  This is fertile ground to explore with both Supergirl, and Reign who is as far from human as Kara herself.  It could well be we’ve heard no word of the return of Superman because frankly a Clark Kent appearance early in the season might undermine the exploration of this theme as it relates to Kara.  Clark has his humanity thoroughly figured out after all.


When last we left the Legends they had stopped the Legion of Doom and thoroughly broken time.  What happens next?

Legends is a little different in that our ensemble is way too interconnected to look at what the upcoming season might mean for each individual character, so for the purpose of this article let’s look at the broad strokes.


Dinosaurs in LA, the team finally makes it to Aruba where Mick has been suggesting they go since Season One – only to find that Julius Caesar is there.  There is a lot of fall-out from Season two that our team is going to have to deal with.  There’s just one tiny problem:


Rip Hunter has taken his time shuttle and recruited a second team of time travelers to fix time, and the comparison between the two teams is that The Time Bureau is a scalpel and The Legends are a chainsaw.  With another team out there trying to fix the things The Legends broke, things are bound to get a little tricky.



Digging backwards into the DC Archive, Legends is adding to the Legends roster by including Tala Ashe in the role of Zari Adrianna Tomaz  - an archaeologist who discovers an amulet that allows her to transform into the Egyptian goddess Isis.



Amaya Jiwe is Vixen, or rather she is the 1940’s Justice Society version of Vixen.  In the present there is another Vixen, who has an evil sister named Kuasa (Tracy Ifeachor) who is going to bring the time bending family drama of the Vixens to the forefront on Legends Season 3.



Billy Zane (yes that Billy Zane) will be joining the show as P.T. Barnum, possibly as a villain – possibly just for an episode.  Who knows? Who cares? So much scenery will be chewed.


Neal McDonough has been added as a series regular for Season 3, meaning that there is so much more Damian Darhk snark coming our way in Season 3.  He isn’t , however, the only one as we know that Wentworth Miller has been listed as a recurring character this season – one hopes this means they have plans to finally reverse Leonard Snart’s unnecessary and untimely demise.

NEXT WEEK: Join us for our first week of full episode reviews.  From the moment the Girl of Steel takes flight, to the moment we finally find out who survived the explosion on Lian Yu: we’re you’re one stop shop for recap and review.

To catch all the DC CW goodness for yourself – tune into your local CW channel on the following schedule.

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Starting October 10th The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8:00 PM Eastern/7:00 PM Central

Also Starting October 10th Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9:00 PM Eastern/8:00 PM Central

Starting October 12th Arrow airs Thursdays at 9:00PM Eastern/8:00 PM Central


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