The Four Color Ark Podcast - SPECIAL EDITION - 2017 Review Roundtable

Wait, we never did a proper 2017 year end review; quick, Blanchard Cousin Powers Activate!...


When the slate of 2017 Four Color Films, TV, and Comics is so monumental that one host can't tackle it alone...The Brothers Blanchard (Matthew & Patrick) and The Blanchard Brothers (Noah & Gavin) must unite! The Ark of E Network & The Blanchard Cousins are proud to present The Four Color Ark 2017 Review Roundtable. 

Intro / Outro ("Forest Fight" by Marco Beltrami from the Logan Soundtrack) *Note* Please, once again, forgive the audio quality in some sections of the cast, this was our first attempt at a 4-man recording session in The Ark of E Studio North.  

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