REVIEW - Justice League

"Four Color Friends and Movie Maniacs alike, welcome back to another as close to spoiler free look at the latest superhero movie to hit theaters.  Let’s get the silly questions out of the way before we dive in:  No I didn’t do a hot take review on Thor: Ragnarok; Yes I am sorry I didn’t review Taika Waititi’s brilliantly fun take on Thor; No, I didn’t get paid to say I like Justice League; Yes I am a huge DC fan and am therefore somewhat biased; Yes, I actually did like BvS.

Still with me?"

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Four Color Television - Supergirl / Legends of Tomorrow: Where Do We Go From Here?

"Just a few days, my Mirakuru warriors, before the Maid of Might bursts back onto our TV screens and brings with her the entirety of the CW DC Television Universe.   We’ve spent all summer looking backward and the last two weeks looking toward what is in store for us this season on Arrow and The Flash.  Now it’s time to look toward the Adventures of Supergirl and the time-traveling antics of Legends of Tomorrow."

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