The Music Ark Podcast - Top 10 Favorite Fourth Albums or: Our Senior Year

This week The Blanchard Brothers Finally Graduate... 

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In the conclusion of our "Music School" run of The Music Ark my brother (Gavin) and I (Noah) finally reveal our Top 10 Favorite Senior Albums. As always we hope you find some new tunes and artists to check out, or rediscover some old favorites, enjoy... *Note: This episode was recorded before the unfortunate passing of the legendary Tom Petty (RIP) but we'll be devoting an entire upcoming episode to the man, so stay tuned...


Intro ("When The Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin) Outro ("Bleed American" by Jimmy Eat World) *Note: As with all previous episodes, all of the music used within the podcast was sourced from physical and/or digital copies of the albums purchased by either Gavin or myself (Noah), and in some cases both. Support Good Music!  

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