The Music Ark Podcast - Top 10 Favorite Debut Albums or: The Freshmen Outings

This week The Blanchard Brothers debut The Music Ark Podcast, again...

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This cast was originally planned to be our inaugural episode of The Music Ark, before Brand New went all Brand New on everyone and we had to scramble (not complaining). My brother (Gavin) and I (Noah) decided to kick things off with a discussion of our Top 10 Favorite Debut Albums. The Freshmen outings if you will; which naturally led us to planning Top 10's for Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Albums. You can look forward to hearing those episodes and much more in the coming weeks and months from this feed, Stay Tuned...

Dead Nostalgia
Broken Circles

*Note: All of the music used in the podcast was sourced from physical and/or digital copies of the albums purchased by either Gavin or Noah and in some cases both. Most importantly, if you hear something you really like, go support these artists!

Intro ("Before Crimes" by Junior Astronomers) *Note: This track comes from one of my Honorable Mentions for this list, Junior Astronomers' 2013 Debut LP, Dead Nostalgia; it's a fantastic record as is their recently released 2nd LP, Body Language which I love even more. Check them out at : 

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