The Music Ark Podcast Presents: Lost in the Folds - Episode 11 : The Grand Finale

Sunshine & Max bid you adieu...

LITF Ep 11 Finale .jpg

Sunshine Mayfield and Max Gongaware return The Music Ark to the dock this week as they bring you The Grand Finale of Lost in the Folds. It's been quite the journey people, we've laughed, we've cried, and you know what, I like to think we just might of learned something along the way. 

As The Ark of E's Editor in Chief, I'd like to thank Sunshine and Max for creating what has become our Most Popular Series to date, I personally can't wait to hear their next endeavor, Hint Hint, you might just have to follow them over to The Movie Ark ;)

For now, Enjoy The Final Episode of Lost in the Folds, and Have the Best Ben Folds Friday Ever Everyone! 

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