The Music Ark Podcast - What We've Been Listening To - Vol. 1 : Sept. 2018

The Blanchard Brothers premiere their New Monthly Series...

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The Ark of E Network & The Blanchard Brothers are proud to present the 1st Episode of our New Ongoing Monthly Series, What We've Been Listening To - Vol. 1 : Sept. 2018. We hope you enjoy the cast and find a few new, or at least new to you, tracks to add to your latest playlist. Featured Artists: The Revivalists, Thom Yorke, Nick Murphy, Aphex Twin, Survive, Eminem, Bon Iver, Jerry Reed, etc...

Vide Noir

Intro ("Ancient Names Part 1 & 2" by Lord Huron) Outro ("Slippin'" by Wajatta) 

*Note* This Episode was Edited Mixed & Mastered by the incomparable Nathan Hussey. If you're an Amateur Podcaster or Musician in need of Professional Production Work, Contact Nate : And, if you're a fan of awesome music, be sure to check out his band, All Get Out, On Tour This Fall! New Album, No Bouquet, November 2nd!!! 

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