2X2 w/ Noah Blanchard - Episode 1 : January 2019 w/ Special Guest: Nathan Hussey

A Blanchard Brother tests the waters...


Welcome to the 1st Episode of 2X2, a New Monthly Series from The Ark of E Network, Hosted By Me (Noah Blanchard) 

Here's a basic rundown to get us off and running...Each Month I'll sit down on mic to discuss 2 of my favorite things from each of the mediums we cover here at The Ark of E (Movies, Music, TV, etc.) that I enjoyed that month (New or Old doesn't matter, just whatever I've been digging) AND, sometimes I'll be joined by a GUEST who'll share some of their favorites as well; which just so happens to be the case This Month!

 For this Premiere Episode (recorded in late January) I finally got on mic with the incomparable Nathan Hussey, Frontman of All Get Out & Hussey, and Producer of a little podcast you may have heard of (HINT, YOU'RE LISTENING TO IT RIGHT NOW!)

If You're an Amateur Podcaster or Musician in need of Professional Production Work, Contact Nate : nathanhussey@gmail.com 

In This Episode : Pedro the Lion (Song: Circle K), The War On Drugs (Song: Strangest Thing), Gold School (Spotify Playlist), Mister Heavenly (Song: Blue Lines), Stargate SG1, Atlantis, The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Rick & Morty, The Real Bros of Simi Valley, Annihilation, Unbreakable, The Matrix (20 Year Anniversary), and much. much more...

No Bouquet
By All Get Out

Intro ("First Contact" by All Get Out) Outro ("Archives" by All Get Out)  

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