Sunshine's Weekly Review (X2) : 3/11/19 - 3/24/19 (MU)

Sunshine’s Weekly Review (3/11/19-3/24/19)

Yes, yes, I know. This is the 2nd time in a row that the Weekly Review has covered 2 weeks. Pretend there is a GIF of Jason Segel shrugging and let us move forward, shall we?


To Believe by The Cinematic Orchestra

Released: March 15, 2019


To Believe opens beautifully with its titular track and it’s easy to get lost in the ambient sounds; but if you give it an isolated/engaged listen, you’ll be pleased by what this British duo has given us on their 4th full-length. Tracks are wonderfully composed even though stretches of the album can feel a bit to samey. And, although well produced, this LP will regrettably find itself categorized as ‘really solid but somewhat forgettable’ due to the ease with which it can fade into the background. 6 out of 10.

Tracks to enjoy “To Believe”; “Lessons”; “The Workers of Art”

Panorama by La Dispute

Released: March 22, 2019


The latest effort from the quintet from Grand Rapids is not just an album but a brilliant composition told over 10 beautiful movements and is the equivalent (imho) to the post-hardcore version of Tchaikovsky. Every beautifully spoken syllable is placed into a wall of sound that encapsulates the human experience like an audible mosaic.  With every listen the emotional resonance grows as distorted riffs bounce back and forth from a subtle whisper to a bombastic scream. Blend all of that with a staggering rhythm section, poignant lyricism and you have one of the strongest rock albums in recent memory. Panorama is a masterpiece. 10 out of 10.

Tracks to enjoy: Did you not just read the review? Put on the whole damn thing and don’t skip a track! But also, “FULTON STREET II”; “RHODONITE AND GRIEF”; “ANXIETY PANORAMA”


Paddleton (2019)

Released: February 22, 2019

Well, I wasn’t prepared mentally for this heartbreakingly beautiful movie about love and friendship. Ray Romano and Mark Duplass were absolutely brilliant, in this raw and emotional tale. These stellar but subtle performances leave us with a perfect balance of humor and heartbreak that leaves Paddleton in the upper echelon of 2019, thus far. 9 out of 10

Captain Marvel (2019)

Released: March 8, 2019

It is a real shame that so many people have taken to review bombing the latest outing from Marvel because Captain Marvel is a fun treat for audiences willing to give it a shot. Brie Larson shows us her quick wit and star power as we see her transformation into an action star. Though the latest addition to the MCU has some flaws, specifically in the 3rd act during a CGI infused action sequence against an entire space fleet; CM wins you over with nostalgic easter eggs, solid action stretches, and some well-placed banter. As it compares to the rest of the MCU, it will likely find itself in the middle of the pack but it might have one of the greatest supporting performances in the franchise with Ben Mendelsohn. 7 out of 10.  


Queer Eye: Season 3 (2019)

Released: March 15, 2019

I cannot stress highly enough how good this show is. As reality shows go, QE is the best of the best as they give us a chance to learn about other individuals and realize the importance of belonging and joy. This season seems to have a heavier emphasis on the personal stories of each of the nominated participants which leads to better storytelling and a greater emotional impact. 9.5 out of 10.

West Wing: Season 1 (1999-2000) - Throwback Review

Released: September 22, 1999

Aaron Sorkin is a master of his craft and West Wing is a wonderful example of what it looks like when a writer is firing on all cylinders. Strong character development and fast based dialogue give us a solid foundation for what will prove to be one of the best shows ever written. With all that in mind, each well-written character is given life by a top-notch troop of performers that put us right in the center of all of the chaos. 8 out of 10.