The TV Ark Podcast Presents: DETECTIVE DECEMBER - TRUEsDays w/ Noah & Gav - True Detective Season 1

The Blanchard Brothers mainline the secret truth of the universe...

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The TV Ark LIVES!!! This week my brother (Gavin) & I (Noah) continue our DETECTIVE DECEMBER Celebration by reviving a long dormant feed to talk about one of our favorite shows in recent memory, HBO's True Detective. The anticipation for Season 3 around The Ark of E Network is palpable, so to hold us over we thought it'd be great time to revisit Seasons 1 & 2. Then, beginning January 15th, we'll be covering Season 3 episode by episode, Stay Tuned...

This week, Gav & I take a look back at one of the single best seasons of television, ever. What more can we say? Well, quite a lot actually, and also a ton about The Killing for some reason (SPOILERS for The Killing, if you probably don't) and obviously, SPOILERS for True Detective Season 1 (and a bit of Season 2 in this episode)

Intro ("Far From Any Road" by The Handsome Family) Outro ("Young Men Dead" by The Black Angels) 

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