The TV Ark Podcast Presents: Here and Now S1E10 - It's Here

Here and Now , Season 1 Episode 10 - It's Here , Recap / Review 

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IT'S HERE!!! It may have taken an extra week and a half, but I've finally finished Season 1 of HBO's Here and Now. And, now I'm here to talk about the Finale, Episode 10, It's Here. Thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported the cast, whether it was sending an email, liking a post on social media, rating and reviewing, subscribing, or simply telling a friend, I greatly appreciate it. Stay Tuned, next week we'll have a Season 1 Wrap Up, and beyond that I'm looking for suggestions for future episodes of The TV Ark. Send Questions and Suggestions to

Intro/Outro ("Baby's On Fire" by Brian Eno) 

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