The TV Ark Podcast Presents: Bending Not Breaking - Episode 20 : The Siege of the North Part 2


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The TV Ark & The Ark of E Network are Proud to Present : Bending Not Breaking ; a New Weekly Series Hosted By : Sunshine Mayfield (Lost in the Folds LISTEN VIA The Music Ark) & Ben Pruitt (The Vespers Project AVAILABLE ON iTunes Stitcher Spotify & Join Them This Fall for Season 2!!!

Each Week, Sunshine & Ben will also look at the given episode through a unique lens. For the Season 1 Finale, Episode 20 : The Siege of the North Part 2 , they chose to discuss BALANCE.

We hope You enjoy the episode, whether You're a Die-Hard Fan or a Total Newcomer; Avatar: The Last Airbender is a unique and wonderful series with so much depth to explore, We hope You'll join us for the journey ahead...

AND A HUGE THANK YOU to Everyone Who's Listened so far, Episode 1 now has 220+ downloads; making it to the Most Downloaded Episode in TV Ark History! BNB has also helped to drive The TV Ark Feed to over 2000+ Lifetime Downloads (As of 7/23/19)

Intro/Bumper/Outro ("Beyond the Warriors" by Guifrog)

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