The Movie Ark Podcast - BONUS EDITION - Stephen King Continued...

In this BONUS EPISODE  The Blanchard Cousins just can't seem to stop talking about Stephen King...

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The Blanchard Brothers (Gavin & I) have been hard at work, banking episodes for The Ark of E's newest podcast The Bay of Lynch (Go Listen Rate Review & Subscribe!). So I thought it'd be a good time to hear one of The Blanchard Cousins (Regular Contributor and Host of The Four Color Ark, Matthew J. Blanchard) and I chat for a bit. You may recall several episodes back Gavin and I gave our lists of Top 10 Favorite Stephen King Adaptations. Around the same time, I recorded this episode with Matt to get his Top 10, as well as a more literary minded take on the adaptations (Matt is a true fan of King the novelist, not just King the source material). As ARKTOBER  began to dominate our recording schedule, I never got around to editing this episode, until now. I hope you'll enjoy our chat and *please forgive the audio quality in certain sections, this was recorded before we'd ironed out our individual setups for recording through Skype*. 

Danse Macabre
By Stephen King

Intro / Outro ("The Dead Zone - Main Theme" by Michael Kamen) 

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