The Movie Ark Podcast - June 2017 - Top 10 "Firsts"

This week The Blanchard Brothers celebrate the 1st month of by discussing their lists of Top 10 Favorite "Firsts" 

In honor of our First Month here at The Ark of E, I (Noah) sat down with my Carpenter Revisited Co-Host, and brother, Gavin to discuss our Top Ten Favorite "Firsts." We mainly structured our lists around directorial debuts, as well as a few debut performances; but we left the topic open to interpretation. More on that a little later... 

Intro / Outro ("My Friends" by All Get Out, the First song on their Debut Album, 2011's The Season) *Side Note: Check out the awesome video for "Get My Cut" the First Single off their second full-length, 2016's Nobody Likes A Quitter, in which they pay homage to a film that shows up at least twice on our staff's lists. Enjoy...    

Trailer & Dialogue Clips were sourced from the respective films DVDs, BluRays, and in some cases

The "Poster" for this episode was created using the poster for Bellflower from Coatwolf Films  and Director Evan Glodell who get quite the shoutout in the episode, click the link below to see their amazing new trailer for Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins Coming This Summer!!!


And now for a different but arguably more awesome take on the topic of "Firsts." Regular TV and Music Ark Contributor Matthew J. Blanchard offers this: 

Best Studio Directorial Debut: Cameron Crowe: Say Anything 







Best Actor Debut:  R. Lee Ermey: The Boy’s in Company C.  (A REAL Drill Sergeant so good that every movie Drill Sergeant after is based on him, and he becomes a sought after actor.





Best First Score: Isaac Hayes: Shaft






Best Studio First Screenplay: Kevin Williamson: Killing Mrs. Tingle (pre Scream, better than the finished Teaching Mrs. Tingle)

Best First Entry in a Franchise: Tim Burton’s Batman

Best Indie Directorial Debut: Spike Lee: She’s Gotta Have It

Best Indie First Screenplay: Kevin Smith: Clerks





Best First Poster: Drew Struzan - Empire of the Ants


Best Opening Shot: Touch of Evil


Best opening line: “Let me tell you what “Like a Virgin” is about” – Reservoir Dogs


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