The Movie Ark Podcast - ARKTOBER EDITION - Halloween (2018) : The All Blanchard REVIEW

The Blanchard Cousins discuss the night he came home, Again... 

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In this Very Special ARKTOBER EDITION of The Movie Ark The Blanchard Brothers (Noah & Gavin) are joined by The Brothers Blanchard (Matthew & Patrick) for an All Blanchard Review of one of the most anticipated films of the year, Halloween (2018) 

The four of us went to our respective screenings late last night, and hopped on mic within hours of the credits rolling to give your our raw, honest, 2AM reactions. *For those of you looking to avoid any kind of SPOILERS, the *first 14mins* of the cast is entirely Spoiler Free; but after that, the gloves come off and the knives come out...

If you haven't seen the film yet, Go Listen to Everyone's Entitled to One Good Scare Ep. 1, then check out H18, then meet us back here...Happy ARKTOBER Everyone! We Hope You Enjoy The Episode!

Intro ("Halloween Theme" by John & Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies) Outro ("Laurie's Theme" by John & Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies) 

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