The Movie Ark Podcast - DETECTIVE DECEMBER - Top 10 Favorite Movie Detectives

The Blanchard Brothers are ready to kickoff December, but first they've gotta scrape some gum off their shoes...


The Blanchard Brothers are back aboard The Movie Ark to launch a month long, cross feed extravaganza! That's right listeners, the long teased DETECTIVE DECEMBER is upon us...

This week my brother (Gavin) & I (Noah) kick things off by running down our Top 10 Favorite Movie Detectives. Next Monday you can follow us over to The TV Ark for the start of our True Detective Retrospective, and our eventual Season 3 Coverage, which begins in January. Come along Gumshoes and let's have a Downright Dynamite DETECTIVE DECEMBER... 

Intro / Outro ("Kidnapper" by Jewel & The Rubies)

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