The Movie Ark Podcast - 3/24/18 - What We've Been Watching / Death Wish - Mini Review / 90stalgia Vol. 1 Intro

One Blanchard has a Death Wish, the other is busy Dirty Dancing, but they're both ready to Brawl...

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In this week's episode, my brother (Gavin) and I (Noah) discuss a ton of different movies as we delve into what we've been watching recently... 

Rewatches: RoboCop 2, Highlander, Dirty Dancing, The Grand Budapest Hotel

New Mini Reviews: The Outsider (Netflix), Death Wish (2018, SPOILERS), Brawl in Cell Block 99 (SPOILERS)

90stlagia Vol. 1: 

1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)

2. Showgirls (1995)

3. Bottle Rocket (1996) 

4. Death Wish V: The Face of Death (1994)

Intro/Outro ("She's Like the Wind" by Patrick Swayze) 90stalgia Bumper ("Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind)

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