The Movie Ark Podcast Presents: Rodriguez Revisited - Episode 10 : Planet Terror

The Blanchard Brothers decide it's two against the world, baby...

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My brother (Gavin) and I (Noah) are back aboard The Movie Ark; here to kick off your week right, with another edition of Rodriguez Revisited. This time we get down to discussing one of the quintessential Rodriguez films, one half of Grindhouse, 2007's Planet Terror. Come for the recap, stay for the wild fan/Rodriguezverse theories that have become our specialty. And, of course, Have a Marvelous Mexico Monday Everyone! 

Grindhouse (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray]
Starring Rose McGowan, Bruce Willis, Freddy Rodriguez, Kurt Russell, Rosario Dawson

Intro ("Malaguena Salerosa" by Chingon) Outro ("Back to the House That Love Built" by Tito & Tarantula) 

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