The Movie Ark Podcast - Introducing Nine For 99 / What We've Been Watching

The Blanchard Brothers get 90stalgic, again...

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My brother (Gavin) & I (Noah) are back aboard The Movie Ark to Announce the Full Nine For 99 Schedule! Our New Monthly Series, which kicks off later this month with 10 Things I Hate About You (4/26/19), is a 9 month Deep Dive into 9 of our Listener/Staff chosen Favorite Films From 1999. We'll be revisiting these films in their 20th year, along with some Very Special Guests, and Hopefully A Lot of Listener Involvement (Listen to the cast for Details & Our Google Voicemail # Where You Can Be A Part of the Episode!) Let's Get 90stalgic Everyone, STAY TUNED...

Intro/Outro ("The Plan" by Built To Spill)

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