The Movie Ark Podcast Presents: Mann Hunters - Episode 2 : Thief

The Blanchard Brothers wear $150 slacks, silk shirts, $800 suits, gold watches, perfect D-flawless three carat rings, and change cars like other guys change their shoes, they are Mann Hunters...

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The Ark of E Network & The Movie Ark Podcast are Proud to Present the Latest Limited Series from The Blanchard Brothers (Carpenter Revisited / Rodriguez Revisited) ; a Week by Week investigation into the Films of Michael Mann, this is...Mann Hunters...

For our 2nd episode, my brother (Gavin) & I (Noah) discuss Mann's rosetta stone if you will, 1981's Thief. Gavin, believe it or not, had never seen this one; and if you know my brother at all, Thief was practically conceived, produced, and released just for him. We hope you enjoy the episode & Stay Tuned for 1983's The Keep (one of the few Mann films I've never seen) Next Time, on Mann Hunters...

Criterion Collection: Thief [Blu-ray]
Starring James Caan, Willie Nelson

Intro / Outro ("Confrontation" by Craig Safan)

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