The Movie Ark Podcast - Midsommar REVIEW w/ Sunshine Mayfield

This Week, The Movie Ark sails to Sweden just in time for the mid-summer festivities...

MIDS R.jpg

This Week on The Movie Ark, You (lucky listener) get 2-pods for the usual price of absolutely nothing. Hopefully You've already checked out the latest Mann Hunters where my brother (Gavin) & I (Noah) discussed The Last of the Mohicans; AND now for something completely different...

I recently got on the phone with my good friend & fellow podcaster, Sunshine Mayfield, to grieve together, if you will, over the horrors we witnessed at our respective screenings of Ari Aster's latest, Midsommar. SPOILERS STRART EARLY & are clearly delineated, You've been warned...

We hope you enjoy the episode AND Don't Forget to head over to The TV Ark feed Tomorrow (7/23) for Sunshine & Ben Pruitt's Epic 2-Part Finale of Bending Not Breaking Season 1!

Intro / Outro ("Gassed" by Bobby Krlic)

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