The Movie Ark Podcast Presents: Mann Hunters - Episode 9 : Ali

The Blanchard Brothers rumble like young men...

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The Ark of E Network & The Movie Ark Podcast are Proud to Present the Latest Limited Series from The Blanchard Brothers (Carpenter Revisited / Rodriguez Revisited) ; a Week by Week investigation into the Films of Michael Mann, this is...Mann Hunters...

For our 9th episode, my brother (Gavin) & I (Noah) take on Mann's shot at the champ, 2001's Ali. This was a first time full and proper viewing for both Gavin & I; a blindspot that sorely needed correction, and one of 3 presents I left for myself before embarking on this podcasting journey. We've now hit two, and I'm sure loyal listeners can guess what the third final film might be ;) Anyways, overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Mann's 2nd outing in #TrueStoryTerritory, and I feel like it almost instantly demands a rewatch! STAY TUNED Next Monday For Our Collateral Episode!

*Mann Hunters will be on a month long hiatus while we celebrate ARKTOBER on The Movie Ark (This is YEAR 3 of Our Annual All Horror Month Across The Entire Ark of E Network, Join Us Won't You?), BUT We'll Return November 4th to discuss An Undisputed (Seriously, Fight Me) Masterpiece of Modern American Filmmaking, The Crown Jewel of The Michael Mann Filmography, My Favorite Film of 2006, and basically the entire reason for doing this podcast in the first place...MIAMI VICE...Stay Tuned...

Ali (Commemorative Edition) [Blu-ray]
Starring Will Smith, Mario Van Peebles, Jamie Foxx, Jon Voight, Jada Pinkett-Smith

Intro ("You've Seen These Films" Clip from Manhunter) Outro ("rH-cI6Am" by nARK : )

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