When the Sun Sets East: A Podcast About WHY? - Episode 5 : Moh Lhean

The Blanchard Brothers realize, they're already there...

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This week, my brother (Gavin) and I (Noah) bring it all back home as we discuss WHY?'s 2017 album, the masterful, Moh Lhean. I also share my "long awaited" (?) Five-Fingered WHY? Theory, and as usual Gav and I ramble on way too much; but there just might be some gold in there, you be the judge. Thank You Listeners for all of the support thus far. We hope you have a Wonderful WHY? Wednesday, and Stay Tuned for a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE of WTSSE, Premiering Next Week, Same Ark Time, Same Ark Channel.

Moh Lhean
Joyful Noise Recordings

*Note 1 : This episode was recorded a while back, so please ignore any references to us taking a break next week, We'll Be Back!

*Note 2 : This Episode was Edited Mixed & Mastered by the incomparable Nathan Hussey. If you're an Amateur Podcaster or Musician in need of Professional Production Work, Contact Nate : nathanhussey@gmail.com And, if you're a fan of awesome music, check out his band All Get Out, and solo work, Hussey, on iTunes, Spotify, or wherver you listen to music

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