The James Bond Franchise

This week, we talk Bond, James Bond...

Bond, James Bond

On this episode of The Movie Ark Podcast we finally get around to our Bond franchise discussion. This one went into "production" following the passing of the late, great Sir Roger Moore. Originally planned as a tribute to strictly the Moore entries in the franchise, our topic suggestions quickly ballooned out to include not only our favorite actors who've portrayed Bond, but also our Top 5 Favorite films from the franchise as a whole. A special thanks to our guest Becky Drake for bringing a female take to the proceedings and to regular contributor Matthew J. Blanchard for his thoughts on the franchise which you can read all about here on The Movie Ark page. (See: Special Feature - The Bond Franchise by Matthew J. Blanchard) 

Intro ("James Bond Theme" by Monty Norman *Debated: John Barry) Outro ("Nobody Does It Better" by Carly Simon) Other Dialogue and Original Song Clips were sourced from the respective DVDs, BluRays, and Soundtracks, where possible, and in all other cases

Admittedly, George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton get a bit shortchanged during the discussion so here are a few interesting clips I found during my research... 


And, as you'll hear, there is quite a bit of debate when it comes to ranking our favorite actors who've played Bond, so for the purposes of these video tributes, we'll go in chronological order...

Best Bond Lines: 

Sean Connery

Dr. No '62 

From Russia with Love '63

Goldfinger '64

Thunderball '65

You Only Live Twice '67

Diamonds Are Forever '71

*Never Say Never Again '83


George Lazenby

On Her Majesty's Secret Service '69





Roger Moore

Live and Let Die '73

The Man with the Golden Gun '74

The Spy Who Loved Me '77

Moonraker '79

For Your Eyes Only '81

Octopussy '83

A View to a Kill '85


Timothy Dalton

The Living Daylights '87

License to Kill '89




Pierce Brosnan

GoldenEye '95

Tomorrow Never Dies '97

The World Is Not Enough '99

Die Another Day '02



Daniel Craig

Casino Royale '06

Quantum of Solace '08

Skyfall '12

Spectre '15



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