The Batman Franchise

This week Noah and SPECIAL GUEST Matthew J. Blanchard discuss The Batman Franchise, The Passing of Adam West, and much more... 

Photo Credit: PZNS posted on Deviant Art (

Photo Credit: PZNS posted on Deviant Art (

In this episode of The Movie Ark Podcast I'm joined by one of our regular writers for, resident DC Comics Expert/Aficionado, and cousin, Matthew J. Blanchard. This episode was of course prompted by the recent passing of the legendary Bright Knight himself, Adam West. I've been trying to get Matt on an episode for quite some time; but following West's death he demanded his debut episode be devoted to a discussion of one of the most iconic characters to ever grace the page and screens both big and small. We open with a brief tribute to West and the Batman 66' Series and transition into our breakdown of all of the live-action theatrically released films in the franchise (from Batman: The Movie to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice). 


Intro ("Batman Theme" by Neal Hefti) Outro ("Batman The Animated Series - Main Theme" by Danny Elfman) 

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