When the Sun Sets East / Untethered Layers - Episode 1 : Elephant Eyelash

The Blanchard Brothers find a moth caught in the soapdish, laminated in lye; but all they really want to know is, will you still remember them well, if they don't get to Episode 0-0-5???... 

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The Ark of E Network & The Music Ark Podcast are proud to present the first proper episode of our latest miniseries, When the Sun Sets East: A Podcast About WHY?. After months of pestering my older brother (Gavin), I (Noah) finally convinced him to embark on this latest voyage; an exploration of one of the most unique and wonderful bands on the planet. Will Gavin come to see things my way? Will he tap out after 1 album? Will anyone care?...Well folks, you'll just have to listen and find out. 

Also, Gavin and I will not be alone in our journey. Dawood Nadurath and Rachel Tyler (2 WHY? Diehards) will be bringing you their unique perspective with a regular segment entitled "Untethered Layers". Thank you so much for being a part of the show!

We hope you enjoy Episode 1 : Elephant Eyelash, and Have a Wonderful WHY? Wednesday Everyone! 

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Note: Dawood is the Station Manager for Radio UTD (Check out his interview with Yoni below), which you can listen to at : www.radioutd.com You can follow him on Instagram @nadurath and you can follow Rachel @rachel.rat 

You can yell at Gavin, which I'm sure you'll all want to, On Instagram @gingerbeardmann or Twitter @starlordbro 

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