Untethered Layers - Episode 2 : Alopecia

Untethered Layers grows from a segment, to its very own show...

UL ep 2.jpg

A lot has happened in the week since we launched When the Sun Sets East: A Podcast About WHY? We've had some amazing feedback and to make a long story short, "Untethered Layers" is no longer just a segment within the show proper, it's now its very own companion podcast! 

So, that means you can look forward to Dawood & Rachel diving even deeper into each album, and maybe even delivering some BONUS Episodes down the road! But, for now, it mainly means that you'll be getting 2 great podcasts every week, for the same low low price of absolutely nothing.

And, for those of you wondering when you can hear The Blanchard Brothers take on Alopecia, you won't have to wait too long, it'll be sometime around 9:55 on the 5th of July... 

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