When the Sun Sets East: A Podcast About WHY? - Episode 2 : Alopecia

The Blanchard Brothers decide that while they're alive, they'll feel alive, and what's next, I guess we'll know, when they've gotten there...

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My brother (Gavin) and I (Noah) are finally back aboard The Music Ark to bring you Episode 2 of our Newest and Most Popular Miniseries, When the Sun Sets East: A Podcast About WHY? This week we discuss the "quintessential" WHY? album, 2008's Alopecia. Spoiler Alert, Gavin really dug this one. 

Thank you for all the amazing responses to the series, we hope you enjoy the episode and don't forget to stay tuned for Untethered Layers - Episode 3 : Eskimo Snow, dropping later today!

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*NOTE* : This Episode was Edited, Mixed, and Mastered by the incomparable Nathan Hussey (All Get Out, Hussey). Need any Professional Production Work? Contact him at nathanhussey@gmail.com 

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